ANDREW JOHNSON by Eric L.--Ed. McKitrick


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Traditionally, as Eric McKitrick notes in his preface to this volume in the ""American Profiles"" series, historical judgments on Andrew Johnson have varied with the writer's opinions on Radical Reconstruction. Those who oppose it--as Johnson did when President--have given him high marks as a political leader and a man. Those who favor it have downrated his Presidency and his personality. The aim here is to avoid overemphasizing the Johnson-Reconstruction controversy by selecting excerpts which deal with all phases of Johnson's life. Hence there are sketches by Robert Winston, George Milton, Oliver Temple, Clifton Hall, and McKitrick, on Johnson's youth, early career, public image, psychological conflicts, and activities as military governor of Tennessee; excerpts from Howard Beale, Kenneth Stampp, Lawanda and John Cox, and McKitrick on the White House years; a closing segment by Milton on Johnson's old age. The format is perhaps questionable, since Johnson is not, historiographically speaking, a figure of much ""live"" discussion outside of the Reconstruction episodes. However, the selections are well edited, and may be of use to college students.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1969
Publisher: Hill & Wang