A BOOK OF COMFORT by Eric Parmer


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The war is ever, but the suffering and sorrow brought to human hearts is by no means ended. This little book is an anthology of inspiring poems; letters and other, questions designed to bring consolation and hope to those who need it. It is wrought out of the author's war-time experience of anxiety and sorrow over these near and dear to him. It is therefore no more theoretical need which the book is to meet. However, the book will have a continuing value beyond that of meeting the needs of war-stricken hearts. For, in addition to the opening section on ""sudden Death"", succeeding parts deal with ""Children"", ""Husband and Wife"", ""Near and Dear"", ""Friends, Doubt, Prayer, ""Rain and Sun"", and ""Two Worlds"", and the concluding contain a ""Calendar of Thoughts"" for daily reading. Quotations are included from many sources, for the most part from American and British writers and posts as well as from the Scriptures. This is a book which ministers and layman of all faiths would helpful not only for their own use but to put into the hands of bersaved and souls.

Publisher: Harper