DAI-SAN by Eric Van Lustbader


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At the conclusion of Shallows of Night (p. 459), warrior-hero Ronin set off for the uncharted island of ""Ama-no-mori""--apparently the sole remains of the Japanese archipelago--in search of a mage to interpret the contents of the doom-prophesying scroll he has carried with him since escaping from the underground city of the ""Freehold"" (The Sunset Warrior, 1977). The conclusion of the trilogy takes him from ""the continent of man"" (China) to Ama-no-mori after a shipwreck and a visit to a still-inhabited Toltec ruin. His search ends with his transformation into the more-than-mortal ""Sunset Warrior"" and his return with an Ama-no-mori armada in the nick of time to confront the otherworldly evil which is preparing to engulf the continent of man. Van Lustbader manages a few nice evocations of the Japanese landscape. But this is chiefly for blood-lust mavens who thrill to a steady stream of ""Teeth sprayed like cracked nuts"" and ""Cartilage broke and the skin burst in a hail of blood.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1978
Publisher: Doubleday