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Men are men, women are women, and those aberrants running around blurring the differences are destroying the family and undermining civilization itself. Archie Bunker? Not quite. Voth is a psychoanalyst at the Menninger Clinic, and his strictly orthodox, archly conservative thesis is guaranteed to antagonize the opposition--chiefly feminists, homosexuals, and ""hippies""--while winning kudos from Schlafly followers and other traditionalists. ""It is known that the most successful families are those where all members, including the wife, look up to the father-husband."" . . . ""Male and female are biologically different. It is the male's superior strength and greater aggressiveness which places the final responsibility on him for changing his own and his wife's behavior."" . . . ""The application of force when other inducements for change have failed is one of the most loving things a man can do for his wife."" . . . ""The hippie way of life is a social phenomenon which is an aggregate of individual psychiatric illness."" . . . ""Homosexuality is as much a public health problem as any of the major diseases,"" and confirmed homosexuals who marry should undergo ""voluntary sterilization."" Such pontification--even his own colleagues are harshly criticized--persuades no one; sympathizers may cherish the reinforcement (despite the free use of jargon), but adversaries--no silent majority--will take to the barricades, and even those uncomfortable with current trends will turn away from such relentless castigation.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Sheed Andrews & McMeel