DRAGOMAN PASS by Eric Williams


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An escape experience is politically landscaped by the conditions within satellite countries (and authenticated, more than you might imagine, by the Williams' own travels behind the Iron Curtain). Here Roger Starte, an English writer on a ""cultural mission"", and his wife, Kate, have hopes of getting inside Russia. But, in Rumania, Starte cannot refuse the appeal of Carter, an Englishman who had turned pro- and then anti-Communist, to get him out of the country which will never permit his departure. Carter is not an attractive figure but Starte finally agrees to take him across the border into Bulgaria in the locker of their car. In Sofia Carter does not get the help he had hoped to secure and the Startes cannot shake their passenger. There are many awkward encounters and closer shaves; they reach a monastery high in the mountains where a priest offers assistance but is betrayed; and, finally, when all are on the wanted list, they take the route over Dragoman Pass -- duck out into Turkey. With some of the escape artistry of The Wooden Horse this has the advantage of its close attention to characters and conditions within the controlled countries and it assumes the appearance of fact.

Pub Date: June 19th, 1959
Publisher: Coward-McCann