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by Erica Ferencik

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 2008
ISBN: 978-0981574103
Publisher: Waking Dream Press

In this wacky tale of heartache and heart, a down-on-her-luck veteran real estate agent discovers that the economy isn’t the only thing in the toilet.

Spirited  Ginger Kanadoo loves her job but hates technology. When her boss (and brother) announces that the family real estate firm is going online—and introduces a slick new addition to the firm, Tandy Brickenhausen, who will take them on the cyber-journey—Ginger decides to show her brother that she can still get things done the old-fashioned way. Unfortunately, her only current listing is a nonfunctional outhouse. With an impending foreclosure on her own home to combat, a teenage daughter to raise and a troubling dependence on white zinfandel to overcome, Ginger has a lot on her plate. But she determines to succeed, regardless of the outrageous listings the residents of Squamskootnocket throw her way. Ginger is an older version of Bridget Jones, but instead of obsessing about her love life, she obsesses about her house sales. She continually puts herself out there and falls flat on her face. Though Ginger has all of the action, Ferencik (Repeaters, 2011, etc.) allows her protagonist’s daughter, Harvest, to be the emotional core of the story. Harvest may be a typical teen who slams doors and groans with embarrassment over her mother’s antics, but this bi-curious Wiccan also takes on much of the caretaker role in the family, even adhering to punishments when Ginger isn’t around to enforce them. The story zips along briskly—sometimes a tad too briskly—as Ginger attempts one harebrained scheme after another. But like Lucy and Ethel, she rarely learns from her mistakes. Ginger must stop depending on the kindness of strangers and learn to “Kanadoo” things on her own. Luckily for her, there are always kind strangers on hand.

If readers can overlook the improbable zaniness of Ginger’s life, they’re in for an entertaining, cotton-candy read.