SOCIALIST HUMANISM: An International Symposium by Erich--Ed. Fromm

SOCIALIST HUMANISM: An International Symposium

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No question has stirred more debate in the world socialist community over the past five years than, crudely put, the question of the ""young"" versus the mature writings of Karl Marx. This volume of over thirty essays, many written for the collection, seeks to make clear that young and romantic revolutionary, or old and brilliant dissecter of the diseases of capitalism, Marx always held to the principle that the root of all the things of this world is man himself. The perspectives are many: Yugoslav academicians through British Labourite social planners or such practitioners of the art of organizing as Danilo Dolci. In some of the more scholarly pieces, the reasoning swirls up into the airy reaches of the Supreme Dialectic; in others the Jargon may stagger the sympathetic non-Marxist; in none is politics made subservient to knowledge. The volume is rich with the resin of men thinking, a valuable and fresh repository of current socialist thought on the root subject of man, his manner of life and government.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1965
Publisher: Doubleday