MAN FOR HIMSELF by Erich Fromm


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A continuation of Escape From Freedom, this is an enquiry into and an relation of psychology and ethics ""leading to the realization of man's self and his tentialities"". With much that is experienced here, Fromm is a psychiatrist, learned (in literary as well as medical background), there are the deterrents of the terminology which is rather formidable, of the presentation which is Germanic in its heavi Considered here are such subjects as humanistic ethics as against authoritarian; canalytic concepts of ""characterology"" and the various types of ""orientation"" (which breaks down into personality types); problems in ethics such as selfishness and self love, conscience, the pleasure principle and happiness, ends and means, faith, with man's submissive attitude towards force and power the greatest moral problem we . The philosophy, or ethics here, is that man is ""for himself"", that he must mine his own standards (humanistic) rather than follow the authoritarian... A popular market is conjectural. Suggest for college library use.

Pub Date: Nov. 26th, 1947
Publisher: Rinehart