DANCE OF DEATH by Erich Kern


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Valuable chiefly for presentation of a third angle on the campaign of the Nazis against Russia, the German angle as viewed by a German journalist who served as a sergeant in Hitler's wehrmacht. The interpretation is intelligently reasoned, often critical of German mistakes, and argued from the viewpoint that Germany was the rightful deliverer of the world from Bolshevism. He covers, specifically, the campaign from the first victorious days culminating in the capture of Rostov to the downfall and retreat from Stalingrad. It is a blend of straightforward narrative, interspersed with analyses of the Russian people and the psychological mistakes in handling them which forced even the reluctant back into the Bolshevist camp. He ignores the ideological errors of Germany; he berates U.S. tribunals for judging German soldiers for actions committed in line of duty. One wonders how wide the interest is in such a decidedly Germanic viewpoint, even in face of the fading antagonism to Germany.

Publisher: Scribner