THE OTHER GERMANY by Erika and Klaus Mann


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A sincere plea by the son and daughter of Thomas Mann for the world to differentiate between the barbarism of Naziism and the spirit and culture of the many Germans who still stand for decency and religious faith and liberty, but who are outshouted by the force of an evil power that has taken possession of a country and a people. A clear presentation of what the Weimar Republic attempted and accomplished with little help from the outside world and sabotage from within. The Manns maintain that the spirit of those who served still lives on, the cause of the Republic is working underground, with the hope that Hitlerism will be defeated and the liberals will have a fair trial once again. Some interesting sidelights on Hitler from one who saw him in various moods at various times, indicting him but not the entire people. Here is the expressed hope of representatives of the best that Germany stands for in its past, culture, beauty and humanity. A book that needs to be written.

Pub Date: Jan. 29th, 1940
Publisher: Modern Age