THE HIPPO BOAT by Eriko Kishida
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Easy does it -- delightfully. In short, toddler-size sentences so rare nowadays and soft, warm paintings they'll be tempted to stroke, a simple rescue operation that doesn't scream danger. The rain begins ""Plip. . . . plop. . . Plip, plop, splish, splash"" at the zoo, the water rises, the animals ask Mrs. Hippo to take their babies on her back. Baby Hippo helps too; he carries friend Terrapin. When the hippo boat is safe ashore, all the animals thank them; after the water has gone down and they're home again... ""Mrs. Hippo is tired, so tired. Baby Hippo is sleepy, so sleepy. `Good night.' says Terrapin."" From Japan (and the artist of The Brave Little Goat of Monsieur Segin), a satisfying smile for the littlest.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1968
Publisher: World