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A HIDDEN ENEMY by Erin Hunter Kirkus Star


From the Survivors series, volume 2

by Erin Hunter

Age Range: 8 - 12

Pub Date: May 7th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-06-210260-7
Publisher: Harper/HarperCollins

Following a massive earthquake, leashed dogs and strays alike try to find a way to weather a world turned on end by the catastrophe.

Without the longpaws, or humans, the dogs must use both their instincts and their deep tradition of storytelling to make sense of their new lives. This sequel to The Empty City (2012) begins just as Lucky has finally extricated himself from his unwanted pack. Unfortunately, an attack by wild dogs and another quake force him to return to help his frightened friends. Lucky finds himself caught between his responsibility toward his old pack and his admiration for the wild pack led by Alpha, their part-wolf leader. Even though his skills are those of a city dog, Lucky is able to quickly become invaluable to the new pack. However, if Alpha discovers his split loyalty, Lucky will suffer swift canine justice, which often ends in death. Disease, famine and other wild animals make survival even more tenuous as the fast-paced story progresses. Well-rounded characters, deep folklore and difficult problems without obvious answers drive the story. These dogs are not just loyal human companions, but warriors, leaders and friends. A cliffhanger ending ensures another volume is on the way.

Perfectly crafted. (Adventure. 8-12)