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by Erin Judge

Pub Date: Aug. 9th, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-942600-72-5
Publisher: Rare Bird Books

An unlucky-in-love woman takes a vow of celibacy as she reflects on her sexual adventures and mistakes in this debut novel.

Natalie has never had a problem finding sex. Finding a meaningful relationship that doesn’t leave her unsatisfied or miserable? That’s a different story. After one especially terrible “relationship” crashes and burns, Natalie decides she needs a break from all things romantic. So, in hopes of avoiding the same mistakes in the future, Natalie looks back at her past. Starting in the ninth grade, she examines each sexual or romantic experience and tries to figure out what keeps going wrong. But Natalie’s quest for love isn’t the only thing going on in her life—she also has an increasingly busy career. As a fashion producer with a background in design, Natalie is used to dealing with models. But when a mistake leads to her actually becoming a plus-size model and she steps out onto the runway, she’s amazed at the opportunities that appear. Through it all, it’s easy to root for Natalie as a funny, quick-witted, and completely human heroine. Although her looks back into her past are primarily concerned with romantic escapades, she also faces her relationships with her body and her parents. A subplot about Natalie’s blogger BFF is also sweet and entertaining.

A smart, funny, and fast-paced book about sex, love, body image, and friendship.