AUNT ERMA'S COPE BOOK: How to Get From Monday to Friday . . . in 12 days by Erma Bombeck
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AUNT ERMA'S COPE BOOK: How to Get From Monday to Friday . . . in 12 days

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Aunt Erma"" has imposed a format on the inspired lunacy this time: she is the helpless prey of one self-help craze after another, from ""The Sub-Total Woman"" to ""How to Perform Home Surgery Using Sewing Basket Notions."" Happily and predictably, she discovers she isn't up to the mark -- the open marriage suffers from terminal draft, her son's teacher penetrates her defensive body English -- so she goes back to being herself, with a gentle remonstrance against taking oneself too seriously. There's fun along the way -- son Jaws II devours a roll of film from the refrigerator, Erma juggles obscene phone calls at the Save The Whale Sperm Bank, and a snoring husband provides ""the first GP-rated Aviance Night in the history of cosmetics."" It's a little more gimmicky, but also somewhat more fully developed than standard Bombeck fare: the one-liners are there, tucked neatly inside the familiar suburban scenarios, but tackling her self-development both expands Bombeck's range and reins in her topic wanderlust. Longtime followers will cover the course in short order, while the uninitiated will find lots to chew over.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1979
Publisher: McGraw-Hill