WITH  SCREAMING by Ernest Booth


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Not pleasant reading but it moves right along, this story of two roundsters hopelessly caught and destroyed by the trammels of criminal law and institutions. Mark has just been from the Army and Anne under and he elope to get married, but failing to do so, return home to Los Angeles to find that Ann's mother, influenced while drunk by a religious has slapped a suit on them. She has Mark arrested for statutory rape; Ann as a juvenile delinquent. They are bullied and disbelieved -- Mark is bled by a shyster lawyer -- there is the viciousness of the penal institutions -- finally desperate, Mark escapes only to be caught and sentenced for life. A released through political pull, tries to help Mark win his case, fails, and sees him still more hopelessly when he is innocently involved in a prison and is faced with a death sentence. Finally -- the verdict guilty -- Mark again with Ann's hel, and they commit suicide together... Little people against the law, a story which though overplayed, has holding power. Not as important a book as Co Coming Name but another ""straw in the wind"" of our crop of wartime problems.

Pub Date: Aug. 9th, 1945
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran