THE MAN WHO LOVED WOMEN by Ernest Borneman


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Will Gregory, scene designer, has a restless wife, Ruth, costume designer, and during a brief parting of the ways, he discovers the beautiful, enigmatic Magda. They become lovers but when Ruth returns, hair shorn, he finds out that she and Magda have a Fox-y little thing going. ""Move over"" he cries. . . next morning exit Ruth' leaving him with Magda and a brave new world which he digs. But not without soul searching. He comes up with the rationalization that men who really love women are ""male lesbians"" and so begins the blithe voyeurage into what is really no man's land. The highlight of the sexual shenanigans is a mass orgy which romps along for several pages and finally leaves our hero with a feeling of ""spiritual corruption."" You'd think he'd just feel tired. But the party's really over after a fatal accident which kills both Magda and a pregnant Ruth. He has quite a sense of loss: ""I might have had a daughter"" which is enough to give the reader pause if they haven't already quit long ago.

Pub Date: June 7th, 1968
Publisher: Coward-McCann