THE BIBLE AND THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST: Essays in Honor of William Foxwell Albright by  Ernest-Ed. Wright

THE BIBLE AND THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST: Essays in Honor of William Foxwell Albright

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Dr. Albright is one of those rare persons who seem to be specialists in almost everything. When W Who describes him as an Orientalist, it is only to indicate the area that has commanded his most concentrated attention. As Director of the American School of Oriental Research from 1920-29, and again from 1933-36, he had a major part in the monumental archaeological discoveries of the period. In 1937 he became Spence Professor of Semitic languages at Johns Hopkins, and within the same period was appointed Research Professor at the Jewish Theological Seminary. A list of his writings runs to 22 galleys of type. Now while he is in his seventies, ten men who feel that he has influenced their own important careers have each contributed a chapter to this book. The wide divergence of their respective fields is testimony to the broad sweep of Albright's interests. Through their essays, each worth while in itself, the reader reviews the important discoveries concerning the Old Testament revealed in four decades of archaeology, theology and criticism. While the book demands a solid background of its readers, and some of the chapters are somewhat technical, all reflect the freshness of receptivity to discoveries that are constantly new. Not a high price to pay for a book worth it on all levels. A volume that achieves its basic purpose of honoring a man to whom honor is due.

Pub Date: May 24th, 1961
Publisher: Doubleday