THE AGE OF PSYCHOLOGY by Ernest Havemann


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This book, a short volume, is based on the five part series of the January -- February 1957 issues of Life Magazine and is, therefore, ""popular"" reading. The author has his doctorate in psychology but his vocation is that of journalism -- a happy blend, in this case, because the essays on ""The Psychology -- Psychiatry Boom"" and ""Psychology in Industry, School and Everyday Life"", among others, are well done, whether one's viewpoint be that of entertainment or enlightenment. The author explains the distinctions between psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis, developments in psychological tools, and briefly, the differences between the main psychiatry sparks -- Freud, Jung and Adler. In ""Other Approaches to Mental Health"" the author talks about the value of the tranquilizers and the new directious that psychology is taking. An informative, light book whose greatest success would lie in provoking more than a superficial interest in this field.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1957
Publisher: Simon and Schuster