THE BAD ANGEL by Ernest K. Gann


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Gann (The High and the Mighty, Fate is the Hunter, etc.) seems to have had it up to here with all this coddling of drug-dealers, so he has revived Gary Cooper in the person of Lee Rogers and sent him to Washington to Clean Things Up. Rogers, a third-generation Montana cattle rancher whose oldest son died of an overdose, has but one mission as a newly elected U.S. Representative, and that's to declare war on drugs. How? By declaring war on the countries that grow and export them. That's all he wants to do in Washington. No time for committees, no time for backslapping, no time for log-rolling. Rogers just wants to pitch in and fight. Well, sophisticated Washington just thinks he's a hoot until they realize he ain't just a-kiddin'. He's even ready to take on the State Department, that cowardly bunch of appeasing, lily-livered, probably drug-snorting, gutless bureaucrats. This is one serious cowboy! But of course you can't take on the international drug conspiracy without expecting some sort of reaction, and, sure enough, the evil ones start to terrorize the Rogers family and finally kidnap the congressman. Will America capitulate to their threats? Or will we finally get tough and punch it out? Frank Capra fans will be delighted. Thriller fans will just say ""no.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1987
Publisher: Arbor House