CAPE HORN And Other Poems by Ernest Kroll

CAPE HORN And Other Poems

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An unusually effective group of poems ranging from wry observations on our civilization to deeply felt expressions of the continuus of nature's flux and force. Presented in four groups, these poems include for the most part reflections on the modern maladies associated with men and machines, nature and civilization. There are sad and aciduous comments on the wasteland of suburbia, and the city where the tabloid reader ""sits without knowledge"" beneath the glittering planets. There are satirical nips at Washington, D.C., at New England ancestor worshippers. There are notably in the poem China- poems which realize the tragedy of death in the midst of life. Throughout, the poet attacks human aridity of mind and spirit, yet finds a gentle peace in nature. In these short poems there is the tangy rhythm of speech, reminiscent of Frost, and the verse is sharp, direct, clean-spoken. Effective- and worthy more than a casual attention.

Pub Date: Feb. 18th, 1951
Publisher: Dutton