FLYING ELBOWS by Ernest Lockridge


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This is the third (Hartspring Blows His Mind; Prince Elmo's Fire) of Ernest Lockridge's farces in the form of a gastric lavage. He lives low on the hog where everything smells of one human effluent or another in some form of decomposition before it's recycled into ""a warm blob of slime."" As told by Amelia, a Hoosier blonde with three little girls and a fourth infant with hairy ears on the way--Amelia who's had two husbands, one with the clap in a commune, another in the slammer. She also has a mother properly described as a ""decathlon winner in the crime field"" who has done pretty well forging and counterfeiting (Amelia just filches and tipples) until she returns home to die in Amelia's arms before she's buried in a cheapo pine coffin. And before Amelia stuffs another man in the Deepfreeze. And so it goes on, unless it comes right back up.

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 1975
Publisher: Stein & Day