THE MAN LISZT by Ernest Newman


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How does it differ from other books on Liszt? --It is a searching analysis of the Liszt legend, with the result that the accepted theory is exploded, and a new man is seen. His actual responsibility in the relations between himself and Marie D'Agoult is revealed, not only through her letters and papers, but through his own. His relations with the Princess Wittgenstein shown up; the story of Olga Janina revealed as but one of many such. The mask is torn away and the man shown, with his charm and his lovable qualities, but also his inflated ego, his conflict between opposing forces in his nature, his love of flattery, his petty jealousy of other artists, his ability to play a part, his uncontrolled moodiness, his intense selfishness. Not actually a biography, in the usual sense. And in no way a musical biography. The market? Those interested in Liszt -- public libraries -- music schools.

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 1935
Publisher: Scribner