CONGRESS: Its Contemporary  by Ernest S. Griffith

CONGRESS: Its Contemporary

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A sober, straightforward ""analysis of Congress under the Constitution, of its place in the governmental setting, of the way in which it is responding to a changing age"". Originally presented as the Stokes Foundation Lecturers on Politics, this is a rather formal examination of Congress- its most important permanent feature, the separation of powers; its internal organization and procedure; its relations with the Executive; the problems faced today in an increasingly technological, specialized world; its role in determining foreign policy, economic planning; the pressures of special interests, localism, political parties; the criticisms levelled against the delays, deadlocks, ineptitudes, and the lack of recognition of its adaptibility and fluidity and the part it plays in the preservation of a democratic way of government. Not for a popular sale, but a steady sale to schools, colleges, etc.

Publisher: New York University Press