MATCHING THE HATCH by Ernest Schwiebert


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This is the evolution of fly fishing and deals with natural trout stream insects and the artificial flies that come closest to them for angling purposes. For the true sportsman trout remain the aristocrat of fish and with the excitement of the rise and the ingenious acts of causing it, nothing can surpass the dry fly. After a brief but entertaining history of angling, and a very knowledgeable description of trout varieties, habitats, behaviour, psychology, epicurean tastes, etc. Mr. Schweibert goes on to the kernel of his book, his wonderfully incisive, all inclusive and imaginative use of dry flies. The basis of his method and techniques is entomological. Nothing pertinent to trout and the science of matching the hatch seems to be omitted: the types of available insect (the section on the Mayfly is particularly detailed and shot through with keen personal observation), stages of development, size, color function; the scope-insects of the northeast, the middle west, the Rocky Mountains, as well as the areas covered by Jennings and Flick. Fortunately, the book is as skillfully and specifically set forth in its innumerable details as it is effectively illustrated. Must in its field.

Publisher: Macmillan