BIOGRAPHY OF THE BIBLE by Ernest Sutherland Bates
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Here is a study of the Bible as literature, of its authorship, text, translation and influence, of its stormy history, designed to be read by the layman interested in an objective, unprejudiced approach to Bible study. The fundamentalist, accepting each word as inspired (virtually handed to him in present form from above) will not be the market. But the open-minded, alert student, willing to expand his appreciation and understanding will find fascinating the tracing of the sources of the various books, both Old Testament and New; the known and assumed facts of authorship, disputed through centuries, the relation of the Bible to the history of Judaism and of Christianity, the long and tortuous road to adequate and reliable translation. Your market -- those who bought, The Bible: Designed to be read as living literature, edited by Ernest Sutherland Bates, and now available in many different editions. (For details, see page 329), Call the new book to the attention of local clergymen.

Pub Date: Nov. 24th, 1937
ISBN: 1417985747
Publisher: Simon & Schuster