THE STORY OF CONGRESS 1789-1935 by Ernest Sutherland Bates
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Mirabile dictu, it is grand reading. I doubt whether anyone else than Ernest Sutherland Bates could have (1) made so brilliant a selection of material from the masses through which he must have gone; (2) conveyed so well-rounded a picture of constructive and destructive -- legislation; (3) given color and drama and human interest to the presentation; (4) left the reader with a conviction of sound scholarship, appreciation of the underlying significance of the whole story, and an amazingly vital picture of what went on simultaneously with the unrolling of the ""story of Congress"" in the world without its doors. Here is a new way to write the history of the United States. Here is a new microscope on the inner mechanisms of history. A book for more than the obvious market of scholars and historians. A book which anyone interested in American history --in legislative history -- in political history will find vastly entertaining and enlightening.

Pub Date: April 23rd, 1936
Publisher: Harper