ABSOLUTE ZERO by Ernest Tidyman


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Adam True Blessing, long for A. True Blessing, has set up a cryogenics organization called Hope, Inc. -- ""the end and the beginning of life."" The extent of the operation is not known until the finish when some 2,174 cadavers are discovered in their casks, but before then you won't have been kept in suspended. . . animation. In fact you'll be wondering why the people surrounding Blessing haven't chosen a fate worse than life since they include his receptionist who weighs in at 832 pounds, a woman given to Vertical Minute Hemorrhages so that she is better off horizontal, a man who plugs himself into electric circuits, and others with very eclectic afflictions. Obviously Mr. Tidyman has a playful taste for the absurd and, who knows, you might smile as well as flinch. But the real problem with the book is that all these assorted cold cuts don't make a full meal.

Pub Date: July 28th, 1971
Publisher: Dial