THE PARISH COMES ALIVE by Ernest W. Southcott


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This book is written by the vicar of an English parish who feels strongly that something must be done to make the Christian church ""come alive"" in the lives and homes of the many who are only nominal members of the church, and whose visits to the church itself may be limited only to the time of baptism, marriage and burial. He describes in an informal and most readable style the efforts he and his associates have made in his parish church of Halton to bring the church to the homes of the people, many of whom are truly prevented from attending regular services either by distance or by illness. Frequent cottage services are held in many ""house-churches,"" attended not only by those who live there but also by other members of the congregation who want the isolated to know that they are none- the-less cherished members of the parish family. The Holy Communion is celebrated in these home-churches at whatever time of day or night is most convenient, and gradually the remote and estranged come once again to value highly their membership in the ""body of Christ"" which has sought them out. The Episcopal Bishop of New York has chosen this as his book for Lent, and its appeal will be largely to Episcopalians, but other Protestants would profit much by the example of this dedicated priest of the Church of England who takes to heart his responsibility of the ""cure of souls"".

Publisher: Morehouse-Gorham