HERE 20 YOUR WAR by Ernie Pyle
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The most widely read Scripps-Howard columnist (easily the most popular war correspondent today) writes the story of the North African campaign in terms -- and often in words -- of the man that fought it. It is graphic, human, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and just because it's about the boys over there it has a direct appeal to almost everyone and goes beyond most of the more strategic, international-minded books on North Africa. He sailed on a troopship from England -- with boys tense but without fear. Then the landing -- and Oran -- and on to Tunisia. Pyle writes of all kinds of outfits and their men, Rangers, bomber squadrons, fighter pilots, M.P.'s and M.D.'s, correspondents and Signal Corps. Arabs and Foreign Legion, and the ""goddamned infantry"" who really do the winning. And he records not the drama of it, not the excitement, though he admits to an undeniable exhilaration, but the cold and the dirt, the ""insecurity, discomfort, homesickness, and a dulled sense of danger"" which is what war is when you are fighting it. He makes it all pretty real and close. The book should go over with a bang.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1943
Publisher: Holt