BRAVE MEN by Ernie Pyle
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For once the Fulitzer Award jury and the American reading public agreed in giving the palm to Ernie Pyle. Throughout the country, his syndicated columns are eagerly read, not for the challenge to opinion, but for sheer human values. Here Is Your War jumped at once to the top of best seller lists. And now the Book of the Month Club has selected Brave Man for December distribution, and special dispensation has been granted for direct shipping for overseas gifts of many thousand copies prior to an October 15th deadline...With this build-up, it is something to be able to say that the book doesn't let the render down, particularly not if he is an Ernie Pyle fan. For not only does it have all the human qualities associated with his writing of the men in combat and behind the lines, but -- through the pattern of arrangement and selection and balance he manages to give an extraordinary sense of the scope of the European war fronts, the variety of services involved, the men and their officers. Starting with the Navy, he writes of the conveying from North Africa to Sicily, of the Sicilian invasion -- the sense of anticlimax in the lack of opposition, the impressions of the civilians and the countryside. Then he goes on -- first with one branch of service, then another -- supply, engineers, infantry, artillery, medical corps -- and through his own experiences, the whole of the Italian front. The final chapters take him to England -- and the Normandy beaches. Here's a book that needs no selling.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1944
ISBN: 0803287682
Publisher: Holt