THE LORD'S PRAYER by Ernst Lohmeyer


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The author, whose mysterious disappearance at the close of World War II is one of the tragedies of New Testament scholarship in our time, offers a fresh study of The Lord's Prayer, marked both by a profound erudition and a note of personal faith and piety. After an introductory chapter, in which the antecedents of the Prayer are traced, the Prayer itself is examined phrase by phrase. The Matthewan form of the Prayer is followed, with its inclusion of the doxology. The next-to-last chapter then deals with variations in the Lucan form. Although textual studies are marshalled in considerable detail to expound the Prayer, there is always a world of personal and present application to carry the discussion beyond the limits of scholarly detachment and into the realm of personal practice. Among many current, and more popularized, treatments, this one should be welcomed for its deep and thorough exposition.

Pub Date: Feb. 16th, 1966
Publisher: Harper & Row