ANNE FRANK: A Portrait in Courage by Ernst Schnabel
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ANNE FRANK: A Portrait in Courage

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A peripheral portrait of Anne Frank fills in, frames the diary, and has been achieved by following the often ""faint trail"" of some seventy odd persons who had known her, ""accompanied her some little distance"" -- only forty-two of whom were still alive. So that these marginal notes, occasional recollections, spoken or actual (her notebook, her wrapper) mementoes of her life as gathered from those who were close to her- in her early childhood, at school, during the long months of concealment, to the end, offer ""in short, small relics, little stories, and memories like wounds"". A further amplification is effected through some of her writing, largely short stories, other than the diary- through a transcript of some of the political edicts as they were formulated. Her father, her friends Lies and Jopie, a faithful family retainer, her teacher are still alive and keep alive the memory of the girl who was at once so candid and capricious, precocious and yet childish, self-assured and hopeful, and at all times generous and gracious-- Others who were with her during the last years appear in this memoir:- her mother and her sister, Margot, the Van Deans who shared the long hibernation- and of course Peter, and particularly a Mrs. de Wiek- the mother of a friend- who provides the record of the time at Auschwitz and her death- and the unforgettable horror of the weeks there. And so it is that ""the trail of a child has come to light, a delicate track- and the shadow of the blackest nightmare""- and it will be for those who follow it again an unfailingly moving experience which the image of the girl transcends.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1958
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace