AN AFFAIR OF MEN by Errol Brathwaite


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Good and evil meet when Captain Itoh, searching for 5 Allied airmen, comes to Sedu's village and is confronted by the black man's Christian principles. Itoh's brutality does not intimidate Sedu's people, his attempts to continue his search are in vain, his patrols are wiped out, and only he and one soldier are left. Sedu nurses Itoh through malaria, the soldier suicides, and, when Itoh does escape, it is Sedu who rescues him from an unfriendly village by bargaining for Itoh's life. The realization that Sedu, with his honesty, simplicity and faith, has beaten him and disgraced Nippon turns Itoh to the only honorable way out -- hari-kari. This battle of wills is determinedly fought against a Pacific jungle background but the drama of the contest is weakened by the lack of total reality in its main characters.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1962
Publisher: St Martin's Press