CERTAIN WOMEN by Erskine Caldwell


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....... seem to have trouble with certain men and these stories peephole into relationships between them, in and outside of marriage. Claremore is the locale and the women are Anneve, Clementine, Hilda, Louellen, Nannette, Selma and Vicki -- all of whom manage to find a way out of whatever fate men seem to have doomed them. The first returns to her husband; Clementine doesn't get the Rev. picked out for her; Hilda is led by gossip to the man who saves her; Louellen, betrayed at 18, gets a champion; Nannette, scarred by a jealous wife, finds refuge with a blind man; Selma has marriage snatched from her by her boardinghouse keeper but takes a second chance; and Vicki, happy in her marriage, is pursued by a vicious lover and rescued by his death. Lifted skirt and searching hand department.

Publisher: Little, Brown