JENNY BY NATURE by Erskine Caldwell


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Jenny Royster's nature is as generous as her shape, and while now- middle-aged, ""respectably retired"" with only her jockey boy Veasey Goodwillie (and occasionally- Judge Rainey- to spend the night) she still affronts certain people in the town of Sallisaw. Minding her morals, while eyeing her property, are the congregation of the Rugged Cross Church next door and its Preacher Clough. They also run vigilant interference in the affairs of Jenny's roomer, young Betty Woodruff, who when jilted-frequents the Pleasant Hours Motel. When Betty leaves town, Jenny takes in another girl, Lawana, refuses to get rid of her even when she learns she's mulatto- not ""Indian"", and an angry citizenry burns her house to the ground- Lawana with it. But Jenny is not left homeless- the Judge steps in, offers her his home and marriage as well, and in return asks for her courage in helping to prosecute the incident.... Like Jenny, an inelegant sufficiency of low comedy and high spirits.

Pub Date: March 6th, 1961
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Cudahy