GRETTA by Erskine Caldwell


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Gretta is the girl who gets her man -- any man to shield her against loneliness and insecurity and who wins his submissive admiration with her seductive tricks. When she marries Kenworthy, a dermatologist, the clinic's doctors and their wives are estranged by Dr. Royd Fillmore's behavior to Gretta and completely scared away over the scandal of his suicide. Kenworthy rides the damaging results knowing the pattern that had been formed when an old man taught her, at 10, the ways in which to woo a male, but when the pattern is followed again and Gretta succumbs to a stranger's admiration, he faces a future without hope and he too suicides. Gretta returns to her headquarters, a bar, and her now well marked path. For all its investigation of the roots of nymphomania, this does little to win reader sympathy or even interest.

Pub Date: June 6th, 1955
Publisher: Little, Brown-Duell, Sloan & Pearce