THE JOURNEYMAN by Erskine Caldwell


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Edition limited to 1475 copies, if the censor doesn't get them first. This seems to us the most perverted of the lot; even Tobacco Road reads like a nursery tale. What is this going to do to sales? Well, you know your own market for pornography. The publisher gives us permission to quote him as follows: ""Frankly, we feel that we did our job for Caldwell in defending God's Little Acre in the courts. Although we deeply resent the idea of appearing to be pornography publishers, we don't think that it is our job to go on spending our time and money on legal battles. Unfortunately, the new book, though as inoffensive to intelligent readers as God's Little Acre was, is even more vulnerable from Mr. Sumner's point of view, and would be sure to be attacked if published in a regular edition."" -- It is the story of a journeyman ""preacher"" whose chief interest seems to be sexual experimentation along the way. Written with Caldwell's usual power.

Pub Date: Jan. 25th, 1935
Publisher: Viking