PHANTOM VICTORY by Erwin Lesenor


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Post-war propaganda spotlighting the possibilities of a victory without , without honor, without humanity, of the dangers of non-aggression on the part of the victors, if German unconditional surrender is only an empty phrase. This is a projection -- a fictionalisation -- of the years after the victory in 1945, with the Nazi forms, personalities, uniforms dispersed, and an ambiguous group dealing with Allied commissions that underlines the continuance of the German plan to rule the world. Non-resistance, non-cooperation, are the underground orders for the German people; as each demand is met, the orders change to complete cooperation. A leader is found in shepherd Friedolin who preaches penance and fires the country with a new form of rule. Friedolin power grows, his attitude towards his country and the world changes, and by blackmail, fifth columning, propaganda, financial chicanery, and enslavement, German oppression encircles the world, even the last opponents, Great Britain and the United States ------ At the end, one feels that Vansittartism is the only alternative.

Publisher: Putnam