AFRICAN JOURNEY by Eslanda Goode Robeson


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Paul Robeson made possible this trip to Africa for his wife and their son, Pauli, so that they might see for themselves the way in which the land of their race lives, works, despairs, and hopes...Working through anthropological research, Mrs. Robeson finds the familiar patriarchical attitudes in South African Europeans, the long-remembered anti-Negro feelings, the problems of segregation and discrimination; she views colonials with an experienced eye of disillusion and finds little progress in white thinking; she does find that Negroes in Africa are more interested, more concerned and aware of international progress and politics -- and that the ""primitive mind"" of some of the tribes and their reigning families is far in advance of that of her countrymen...This adds another cubit to the growing awareness of the problems of minorities everywhere -- in its factual reporting of a trip, undertaken primarily for the purpose of examining background and history, resulting in an awakening to the scale of world prejudice. An informative, non-routine approach to what has been worked over by many. The style is somewhat too chatty and personal -- but this may make for a wider lay market.

Pub Date: Aug. 9th, 1945
ISBN: 083716222X
Publisher: John Day