THE NEW GULLIVER by Esm‚ Dodderidge


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A slim, familiar slice of feminist fantasy-satire. Dodderidge's Gulliver awakes after an airship crash to find himself in the land of Capovolta (""upside down""), where the women carry on all the serious work of government and business while the men--clad in garments which provocatively reveal their sexual endowments--cook dinner and mind the babies. As satirical premises go, this one is not terribly subtle, but it is worked out with enough high spirits and good humor to keep the joke more than bearable. Gulliver falls in love with a bright young administrator, struggles to combine domestic duties with his own much less glamorous and lucrative career, and eventually finds himself abandoned for a younger man and with two small children to take care of. Mechanical stuff indeed; but carried off with a crisp matter-of-factness that stretches a little material a long way.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1979
Publisher: Taplinger