NEW MINDS FOR OLD by Esme Winfgield-Stratford


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Here is no self-help book, no short cut to new minds. Don't sell it to that mail order market, but rather to those sincerely interested in the philosophy and psychology of mental development, the elimination of the time honored -- and now dishonored -- steps of development, the substitution of new ones. It is a plea for ""More brain, O God, more brain!"" in our modern civilization, only too satisfied with mediocrity. He urges the importance of a sound physical basis through body training; an enrichment of the mind by feeding the imagination and the senses of observation, by storing the riches of the outer world in memory, but avoiding the pitfall of using the memory as a card index of facts; training of the will; stressing the art of thought and concentration. He warns against the use and abuse of modern nostrums. A book for the customer who enjoyed Mind in the Making, perhaps, rather than the Pitkin audience.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1935
Publisher: Macmillan