ALCOHOL AND YOU by Essie E. & Elaine Israel Lee


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Don't be babies. We'll just have one drink."" That's how Mark, hooked at twelve on ""the world's oldest drug,"" introduces his friends to an experience that leaves them crying, vomiting and writhing on the floor. And that's how Lee and Israel introduce their subject, ""beverage alcohol,"" which they then describe variously as poison mixed with water to make it safe, a food with fattening calories but no nutritional value (true but loaded), a habit which can lead to mental illness, paralysis, speech problems; coma, death and DT's (in that order), and an elevator that only goes down. Besides poor Mark the cast includes Jimmy, a nine-year-old alcoholic who got started when his parents gave him sips, Sam, fifteen, whose friend was killed when they stole a car drunk, and Mrs. B. and Robin who now go shopping, bowling and bicycling together after the mother began attending AA and the daughter Alateen. The pictures show sick, trembling kids in various stages of intoxication and hangover and there's one of a DT sufferer backed into a comer by a room full of monsters--none of whom look as deadly as the authors sound. The temperance movement's answer to Harry Anslinger, and an insult to any kid old enough to hold a bottle.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1975
Page count: 64pp
Publisher: Messner