IT'S A WOMAN'S BUSINESS by Estelle Hamburger


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Sprightly telling of a woman's career in store advertising. At 17, breaking into Macy's department, whose pre-war methods contrast amazingly with those of today, and seeing originality and inventiveness changing the whole field, from there to Franklin Simon's, Bonwit Teller's, Jay Thorpe's, with trips to Europe, special advertising campaigns, marriage and twins. Then Stern's, the depression and Jay Thorpe's again until now she is executive vice-president of that store. It is a lively behind-the-scenes picture of people, policies and happenings in these places, with names named and friendly -- and otherwise -- encounters detailed. Perhaps not as dignified as Mrs. Odlum's A Woman's Place (Scribner, page 303) this also is a record of a married woman in business and has more problems of adjustment to face, since the author becomes wife and mother during her career. It's enthusiastic, and entertaining reading for female careerists.

Publisher: Vanguard