CHIPS: The Story of a Cocker Spanil by

CHIPS: The Story of a Cocker Spanil

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Chip is an enchanting little pup, who started life in a pet shop. People loved to watch his antics in the pet shop window, but no one came to buy him. And so when the shop owner put him in the back garden on a fine spring day he ran away. He has lots of fun and many adventures, but most of all he enjoyed his folic. with a little boy that he met on the way. the errand boy at last finds him and he is quickly returned to the garden, and this time the gate is closed. Imagine his joy when the next day the little boy appears at the pet shop, with his father along. In no time at all h ' Chip' new master. A book for all children who love dogs, and cocker spanils in particular.

Publisher: Wineton