THE MARRIAGE READER by Esther B. & Samuel G. -- Eds. Kling


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Citing many authorities, literature, this compiles a vast review of the many aspects of marriage, that brings together in one volume much material that has appeared in separate books. The arguments for early marriages, mixed marriages, the possibilities of ideal marriage; the anatomy of marriage, conduct, procedure and play in intercourse; the problems of sterility, frigidity, etc., the progress and problems of pregnancy, the advantages and value of children; adoption, in-law, jealousy, working wives, marital finances, etc. Authorities in many fields allied are included, among them Groves, Wolfe, Russell, Ellis, Stopes, Sanger, Balzac, Maurois. Useful in corralling related material into one volume -- in special reference sections. A book for the long haul.

Pub Date: April 29th, 1947
Publisher: Vanguard