WHO IS MY NEIGHBOR? by Esther- Ed. Pike


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Is he socially or physically handicapped- an alcoholic- mentally ill- a refugee- an illiterate- a prisoner- a black African held in virtual subjection- an Asiatic child- or Who? This symposium, edited by the wife of the Episcopal Bishop of California, draws on some fourteen leaders in the fields of the Christian application of this problem. Among them are such people as Smiley Blanton, Gordon Seagrave, Michael Scott, Howard Rusk, and others. The book ranges widely through the varied problems of many people in far- differing circumstances around the world; inspiring in that it demonstrates how much a few intelligently persistent people when they seize upon a practical demonstration of their faith; hopeful in that it points the way for others to help, and demonstrates remarkable progress often made with little money and equipment. It will appeal to a wide audience, but particularly to church study groups who might find in it an area of work in which they can concentrate their own efforts to help others constructively. People who read this book will be more enthusiastic about bending their energies to help.

Publisher: Seabury Press