PAUL REVERE And The World He Lived In by Esther Forbes

PAUL REVERE And The World He Lived In

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A close textured portrait of a man and a city, Paul Revere and the City of Boston, from the simmering of trouble, to the Revolution and its aftermath. With phrasings from actual records, diaries, letters, incorporated into the text, the result is a rather colored pattern of the period, the times, and the man, as patriot, husband and father, artisan. The assembly of factual material is amplified with Revere's possible activities, which creates a semblance of full costumed period, flesh and blood reality. One follows his French and Colonial heritage, his apprenticeship, marriage and political activities, his work in the Masonic Order, his business activities. It shows the generosity, the versatility, the invincibility of a man become legend, from early youth to serene old age -- against the background of the ever-shifting political complexion of the city, as events piled up to the Revolution. Absorbing reading- dramatic, human, historical and patriotic interest.

ISBN: 0618001948
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin