SHARON'S CAREER by Esther G. Hall


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A rather spoilt Sharon returns from her Freshman year at Wellesley to find that her mother and father are separating. Hurt to the quick she refuses to go with either and rushes off to her grandmother near a small town in Connecticut. She receives another blow when she realizes that the old family clock is gone because her grandparent is down to bed rock. Fortunately Sharon's good qualities immediately come to the surface and she pitches in to help by rounding up all the antiques in the house and starting a shop in the barn. It is too bad that this book didn't come along last summer when the small antique stores were doing so well. Sharon's venture would be impossible now with the tire and gas shortage. Her breaks are almost too good to be true anyway. It might be a mistake to have young career girls feel that they could get the hang of a complicated business no quickly.

Pub Date: July 16th, 1942
Publisher: Random House