COOK COOKING: Sixteen Recipes Without a Stove by Esther Hautzig

COOK COOKING: Sixteen Recipes Without a Stove

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Though you might question whether following these sixteen recipes can properly be called cooking, they do have the advantage of safety, specificity and ultimate simplicity. Hautzig .takes nothing for granted (instead of a mere ""drain the strawberries"" she specifies ""Open the package of frozen strawberries. Put them in a strainer. Hold the strainer over the sink and let all of the juice drain off the berries. Shake the strainer a few times to help the juice drain. . ."") and her solicitous detail extends even to the arrangement of the goodies on individual plates for maximum eye appeal. Purists might object to the occasional Kool Whip, store-bought pound cake and other prepared ingredients, but Hautzig has come up with a number of respectable salads (tuna, three-bean and ham pineapple among them) and some reasonably nutritious fruit-based snacks that will appeal to kids without upsetting parents' stomachs or kitchens.

Pub Date: Aug. 13th, 1973
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard