MANOWEN by Esther Penny Boutcher


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A pleasant late 19th century story is set on Long Island and follows the fortunes of Owen Gwynedd who is sent from Virginia after his mother's death to the island, Manocc, and her girlhood home, Manowen. Hare Owen grows up with Ysel, daughter of his uncle Pel's housekeeper, the part-Indian Lolly, is schooled on the mainland, gets a chance to experience the last ""Nantucket sleigh ride"" (whaling cruise) out of Sag Harbor, finds his first love in Yael, only to lose her to Pel and death. There is an overlay culture in a European grand tour, when law gives way to architecture, and further secrets of the past are revealed by Serafina's grandmother whose counsel to deepen his roots the soil of his fathers sends him back to -- and eventual marriage to Serafina. ere with silk culture he rebuilds the Owen fortunes, learns his true family relationships reminisces from an elderly vantage point. A period piece of local legend, events and assorted facts, this tells its tale with leisure and relaxation.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce